About Us

Hi, I'm Daisha! (Day-sha)

Videographer, Photographer, creator of things that I want you to love! I take care in the details of your video/photo and want a product that I myself would want to put out in front of the world.

Travel, Food, Family, Photos, Videos, Editing, all things fun!

My husband and I have a dog named Sawyer and we live in the gorgeous Galena, IL area. 

I love pickles, champagne, being around people, and a good Netflix binge.

Take me with you!

I love to travel, there isn't anywhere I wouldn't go. My most spontaneous trip was a last minute weekend trip to Paris where I was up for 36 hours enjoying all that Paris had to offer before hopping back on a plane and back to reality. Let's travel the world together and get footage of you in all of the amazing places we could go!

In the end!

I really want to help you create what you're envisioning. It should be a fun, care free experience to be in front of the camera. Those REAL raw moments are what you're going to want to frame!